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Guided Professional Health Coaching

By Heather A. Riojas, M.A.

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Discover Health Coaching

Wellness & Lifestyle Guidance

Health coaching is a unique methodology that uses visioning, goal setting, and accountability techniques to help you achieve an advanced level of well-being and performance in multiple facets of your life. Coaching is a growth-promoting relationship that initiates autonomous motivation and power to change. My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle and advanced health coach training have given me insight  into the many challenges of trying to live healthy while still enjoying life's pleasures. 

Benefits Of Coaching

Extensive experience allows me to guide you. My client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients improve  their health and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction. Here is a list of just a few benefits of health coaching:

-Increased self-awareness and self-knowledge
-Increased personal responsibility
-Acquisition of new knowledge and skills
-Attainment of personal and professional goals
-Sustainable behavior change
-Increased life satisfaction
-Increased self-efficacy
-Developed sense of purpose and meaning
-Becoming one’s best self 

Active Coaching

My education and training completes my coaching arsenal – allowing me to provide you with the tools and methods needed to achieve your goals. Here is just a short list of my credentials: 

 M.A. Health Psychology (NCU), B.A. Psychology (Penn State Alumni), Certificate in Human Development & Family Studies (Penn State), Certified Health Coach (HCI), Marine Veteran (2003-2012). 

FAQ: How Is Your Program Free?

There is a good chance you are looking for the catch to my free program. Let me tell you that there is not one. After several years of offering my programs at a higher cost, I made the decision in early 2018 to start offering my basic program for free and my advanced programs for only $5 dollars. This change came from a career shift that I made to become a case manager for adults with severe mental illness. However, my love for offering affordable health coaching has not vanished. The most significant difference between the coaching is that the new program is 100% computer-based whereas my original program included weekly 1-hour phone calls.  Coaching over the phone allowed me to instantly guide my clients, and allowed them to ask me any questions they may have immediately. The simplest way to understand how this changes the program is to think of a time when you had to explain to someone over multiple emails something that would have been much easier, faster, and more complete had you been able to speak to them on the phone. But rest assure, my programs are still effective and life changing!  Each week you will still have unlimited access to me via email between sessions, weekly client-tailored education handouts, client action guides, and exclusive access to some of the top health protocols from leading experts.  



You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other health program to determine if it is right for your needs. This is particularly true if you have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease, smoke, have high cholesterol, are obese. Do not start this program if your physician or health care provider advises against it. 

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